We offer a WEEKLY or BI-WEEKLY FLOWER DELIVERY PROGRAM in most of Little Rock and parts of NLR. To become a customer, one subscribes to receive a GALLON BUCKET OF FRESH-CUT FLOWERS from the gardens and fields, DELIVERED TO HOME AND/OR OFFICE every (or every other) WEDNESDAY OR FRIDAY. We cut the flowers in the morning and deliver them in reusable plastic milk cartons, along with packets of preservative. To maintain utmost freshness, customers should strip the leaves beneath the water line and recut the stems. We bill accounts monthly (and may permit credit charges next year, if details work out). Customers may cancel deliveries ahead of time for particular weeks and may discontinue the service completely with two (2) weeks’ notice. The price is $13 PER GALLON. We offer GIFT CERTIFICATES for any part or all of the season, for a minimum of $26 (2 buckets delivered at one time or separately to the same address) or more. These make wonderful GIFTS for clients, friends, and family.

If you want to participate, just return the following order form by regular mail, fax or e-mail. Early season spaces are always somewhat limited, so sign up quickly to participate for that lovely season. We have enough summer and fall flowers for all. Also, use the form to order GIFT CERTIFICATES as presents for friends, family and clients. Note the name of the recipient and we will send you a lovely certificate to use as a gift with the promise of future beauty and enjoyment. You may designate the time of delivery or we will contact the recipient to arrange a schedule. For orders of $52 or more, we will bill you monthly after the deliveries. At your option, and for all gifts of $39 or less, please include a check with your order.

The EARLIEST DELIVERIES begin in late February/early March and include tulips, daffodils, narcissus, forsythia and tree blooms. The next start-up time is mid to late April, when such varieties as dianthus (Sweet William), hesperis, mock orange, iris, peonies, roses and some of the daisies bloom. In May, we add other wildflowers, foxgloves and lilies. Glads begin and, with rain, go through July or August. The next cycle usually begins in June, when we move into the hydrangeas and other summer blooms, including ageratum, achillea (yarrow), basils, cosmos, celosias, mullein, zinnias, wild sunflowers, salvias, crepe myrtles, veronicas, wild heliotrope, rudbeckias, gaillardias, tithonias, agastache, gomphrena, snapdragons, phlox and various wild flowers. The summer flowers usually bloom through August. Fall brings Sweet Annie, asters, solidago, chrysanthemums to mix with still blooming summer flowers. Interesting grassheads and other textural “weeds” may be added at any time depending on availability. Those continue until the earlier of a freeze or Thanksgiving weekend. Flowers may vary yearly depending on weather conditions.

Some miscellaneous information: because the flowers are grown also for personal enjoyment, many are generally grown not as a “crop” but as permanent residents in the gardens: unlike huge flower farms which have as their only business the harvesting of the entire plant, with one planting after another made in succession, many of our flowers are meant to produce and bloom over long periods, often decades. Cutting the flowers for sale means that the plants will continue to flower for extended periods, but only if the plant is respected and enough foliage left to sustain the plant. This means that the stems will be shorter than flowers typically found in florist shops which are not grown as part of an actual garden environment. A shorter stem length also results from cutting blooming flowers while leaving buds on the stems, so that they will flower again soon. We have increased the plantings yearly as weather has cooperated; the increased plantings now permit much longer stems lengths. Spring flowers are more expensive due to the cost of plants and scarcity, so the bunches are usually smaller than those of the other seasons, but are sill wonderful; size also depends on weather conditions. Finally, once a year (except in truly dreadfully ho seasons, we host a “thank-you” garden party for friends and customers. .

Thanks for your support in our developing business!

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